The Essentials of Tawhid - Jan 2012

Alamiyah Institute presented it's first Two day Intensive Course on the Essentials of Tawhid over the new year weekend 2011/2012

The weekend course on the science pertaining to God Himself, represented the beginning of a new series and format of courses that have been designed to suit the learning needs and life-style commitments of people in a modern Western setting.

From the proofs of Gods existence to how Tawhid can affect ourselves and our society for the better, this course makes accessible traditional thinking to the modern mind in a unique, relevant and engaging manner.

Led by an experienced instructor with the permission and guidance of his teacher the Scholar Sheikh Aleey Abdul Qadir, the course provided an opportunity to firmly ground and activate ones faith! 


Course materials, a certificate of attendance and a hot organic and wholesome lunch, as well as light refreshments were provided over the two days.

The course catered for both men and women. Both new & returning student were welcomed and all found the experience a nourishing and enlightening one!

See the Key to Unity website for more details and Testimonials from students who attended the course.