Our Philosophy

The 'Alamiyah Institute is a centre of traditional learning, encompassing a holistic approach to the education of mind, body and spirit, with the purpose of equipping individuals with the tools to transform themselves and their communities. It has emerged from the need to understand our true purpose in life. Realising our correct aims and values is essential in today's world.

Founded in 1996 and declared a charity in 2005, the ultimate aim of the organisation is to re-kindle the unique connection between individuals and their Creator. This connection is belief, cultivated throug h a process of acquiring sound knowledge and establishing si ncere practice.

Our signature phrase 'Learning to read the universe' demonstrates our belief, that the entire universe is a 'university' and the arena for realising and reaching our potential. 'Alamiyah is an institute without walls which gives the student an understanding and knowledge that is unconfined to place, time or group and that which extends universally.

Our objectives are to:

  • Revive an understanding of the Sacred Sciences and the tradition of transmission.
  • Promote an understanding of the positive potential, belief has for modern society.
  • Provide bursaries to support students of knowledge and trainee teachers of the Sacred Sciences.
  • Provide accurate information about Islam to the general public.
  • Support new Muslims.
  • Deliver a holistic alternative to children's education.
  • Organise and support community building projects and events.