Our Teacher

Sheikh Aleey Abdul Qadir is the Chairman and a Trustee of the 'Alamiyah Institute. 

He was born in 1962 in Penang, Northern Malaysia. He was educated in the Islamic religious sciences at the hands of prominent sheikhs in the traditional madrassa system in Malaysia. It was there that he obtained teaching licences in the Islamic sciences.

Sheikh Aleey travelled to the West for the first time in the 1990s and since then, wherever he has visited, he has been educating people about Islam. He now has many students in the West and in 1996, he founded The 'Alamiyah Institute in London. Through the Institute he continues the tradition of the transmission of the Prophetic knowledge; passing on to the students the sciences of Tawhid, Fiqh and the inner dimensions of Islam (Tasawwuf). Although he now resides in London with his family, he regularly travels back to Malaysia, where he continues to teach an increasing number of students.

Working from classical texts, Sheikh Aleey understands that these may only be correctly understood through serious Islamic learning. He therefore instructs his students not only in the illumination of the heart through dhikr but also in the tenets of faith (Aqida) of the people of Sunna and Jamma’, as understood by the orthodox Ash'ari and Maturidi schools.

Sheikh Aleey reminds the students of the need to link to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) by learning from those who have an unbroken chain of transmission back to our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). As a seeker of knowledge from a young age and someone who knows from experience, Sheikh Aleey understands the need for the student to have a spiritual path in order to train the heart and avoid the inherent dangers on the path of seeking knowledge.

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