Teaching progam

Since its foundation, the 'Alamiyah Institute has offered regular group and individual adult classes, as well as private counselling to both men and women. The founder of the institute and resident scholar of Islamic Sciences is Saiyede Sheikh 'Aleey 'Abdul Qaadir.

Our teaching programme includes the study of the Tenets of Faith (Tawhid), Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Spiritual instruction (Tasawwuf), Qur'anic studies (Tafsir), Quranic Recitation (Tajweed), and Hadith Studies (Ilm ul-Hadith).

These Sciences are taught using the works of some of the most distinguished scholars of Islam, who have unbroken chains of transmission back to the Prophet (Peace be upon him). They include Hujjatul Islam Imam Al-Ghazali, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani, Imam Ar-Rabbani, Imam Abul Hasan Ash-Shadhilli and Sheikh Ibn Ata'illah.

Students will be taken through a progressive teaching structure from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels. On successful completion of each science or section, students will receive a teaching qualification (ijaza). Graduates of the 'Alamiyah Institute may then continue the tradition of transmission.

Teacher training has already begun under the direct supervision of the Sheikh. They have been entrusted with transmitting the sciences that have been conveyed to them.

The importance of travelling is not underestimated. One of the great traditions adopted by the seekers of spiritual truth is the practice of outer travelling to support the inner journey.

Under the instruction of the Sheikh, many students have travelled to Syria, Malaysia, Mauritania and Yemen to study Islamic Sciences from traditionally qualified scholars. They gained knowledge and invaluable experience in the Sacred Sciences and traditional way of life. Group visits to Syria, Jordan and Turkey have also been successfully carried out over the last nine years. Students have benefited from visiting historical Islamic sites in addition to receiving comprehensive insights into the lives of prominent Muslims.