Maulid - a celebration of Prophecy

'Alamiyah Institue has been holding a formal gathering in celebreation of the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, every year since 2006.

The nature of the gathering differs each year, with is being an opportunity for students to share with each other and contribute somethign uniwue and personal that allows us to honour and celebrate together.

It is a gatheirng of joyousness and peace and thanksfulness, and it is eagerly anticipated by adults and children alike!


To date, our maulid program has included the following items:

Childrens dramatisation of key events in the leading up to the birth of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him.

Martial arts displays

Wrestling displays

Whirling dervish


Poetry Readings

Talks on the biographies of the righteous, the inheritors of the Prophetic Way

Singing of devotional songs individually and as groups


and as always, followed by sumptious food prepared and shared by all students, including a special 'Sunnah Foods' table with a selection of food eaten by the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, himself!.